Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan. 7th...Getting Heart Healthy

It's beautiful outside this morning. Here's the weather where I live from the accu-weather online site.
43°F-Feels like 39° Sunny (Clear)
And supposed to be a High of: 46° We just got done having a bitter cold day so this feels like spring, and it's only 10 am.

I took my older dog Tucker for a short walk, just a quarter of a mile, because if you take him too far his leg will hurt. He's going on 9 yrs old this year so I take him for my warm-up walk. Then I will take Rufus the rest of the time for my two-mile walk. He's still a young pup just over a year and a half old. Here we are taking our walk this morning. I like the shadow shots as they make me look thinner. lol.
I've been trying to walk at least five to six days a week for a 2-mile walk each time. When the weather is really cold it sets me back some, so today was a perfect time for a walk. I have to try and keep my heart healthy because of some health issues with that and also I've got to keep my blood glucose levels in check.

I pushed myself with the exercise today because yesterday my brother-in-law had to have emergency surgery on his heart to get a stint put in. He had a blockage of over 80% something. All it takes is something like that to get you moving again with exercise. Although, now-a-days it's much easier to have things like this done. He had his done by the doctor going through a catherilization, so they don't need to cut your chest open.

When I had heart surgery after I graduated years ago, I had to have open heart surgery, but I had a hole in my heart that didn't close. My parents have also had heart problems so it runs in our family. This is why exercise is so important for the heart. Even if you're a thin person you still need to exercise the heart to keep it strong.

I guess according to my sister her husband will get to come home today or tomorrow. That's only an overnight stay or possibly a two day stay, compared to when I had mine done I spent two weeks in the hospital. The recovery time is so much greater now because of technology.


mamichelle said...

Cool pic! And good for you on the exercise. I need to do the same but can't find the ambition.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not doing the 365 this year but I enjoy seeing others posting!

Ms. Understood said...

I love shadow pics. I can't seem to get them right. Good luck on your health journey.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your picture - I've never attempted a shadow pic and I think it looks great. Kudos on the exercise - I'm trying to keep moving too. Good luck!