Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd...Rufus and Tucker

Jan. 3rd...Sorry, I know Project 365/366 is suppose to be one photo a day but I can't show off one dog without showing off the other. So here is both of our dogs.

Jan. 3rd...Rufus our puggle, a part pug/beagle mix is very mischievous but makes me happy. He's always getting into trouble but then again he's a snuggle bug too. Puggle's have the head tilt down to a T and I even think they know when they do this that you can forgive them of anything they have gotten into in the first place.

Jan. 3rd...Tucker is our other dog who is 9 yrs old, a part rat-terrier mix. We've had him since he was only over a yr. old and he was adopted from the dog shelter. I also got Rufus from a dog shelther. I believe in adopting dogs who need homes from shelters. Both of them bring us joy. Tucker loves his doggie ice-cream and once you give it to him you won't get it back.

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