Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan. 17th- Book and More Organizing

I went to the Inspirational book group yesterday and to my surprise one of my friends at the group, Pat, gave me this book. Pat is truly an inspiration herself and a wonderful kind person whom I've gotten to know through my book group over the past three years. I belong to two book groups, this one, and then one at the library. I try to go to both of them when I can.

One of the quotes I like in this book is this one...because you truly don't know what anyone else is going through.

So this brings me to tell you a short story. One time I was listening to an audio tape where the speaker was talking about riding a bus and there were about four children on there being loud. This gentlemen was getting highly aggatated and said to the father, "Don't you think you should do something about the children being so loud?". The guy looked at him and said; "yeah, I guess I should. Their mother just passed away and I haven't told them yet." Wow! The guy who was speaking to an audience said he then felt bad because all he thought was that the father wasn't making his children listen and sit still. But, no one knew what this person with the four children was dealing with. Even when someone is always telling you they're fine, maybe they really aren't and just need someone to talk to, or maybe a nice smile or some small random act of kindness. The next time you start getting upset about something that is trivial think about this story. Doesn't that put this statement into perspective?

More Organizing: I'm still trying to get my scrapbook room back to being organized. These original Sizzix's were in plastic bins that I couldn't easily see so I didn't use them much. Well, now I switched them over to a drawer and it makes them much easier to find.

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