Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan. 14th - Cassette's and Pencils

What does cassette's and pencils have in common?

Someone posted this photo on Facebook and boy did it bring back some memories. The statement on the photo is so true. Makes you think about how many other things that our kids won't know about. And, if they do learn about them it will seem like something they are unfamilar with. Something ancient or something that should be in the history books.

What about some of the other things they probably don't realize especially the little ones that are growing up now or children in kindergarten. The ones I'm thinking about are record players, 8-track tape players, which by the way didn't stay around long.

What about the bee-hive hairdos of the 60s I beilieve, or how about the big hair from the 70s and 80s? Then there are leg-warmers but they seem to be coming back. I recently noticed them in a store a few weeks ago.

I can remember playing with clackers. They were two clear glass balls on a string where you had to get them going fast to clack them when they were swinging on the top. Alot of bruises on the arms on that one.

Well, enough of that. So, you probably still want to know what cassette's and pencils have in common? They help each other out. Without pencils we couldn't have saved our cassette's. When you put a cassette in a cassette player and hit eject sometimes the tape would unravel. Well, to get it back into the cassette without having to throw it away you had to use the pencil to twist the tape back in working order. You would put the pencil in the cassette hole and twist the pencil to wind the tape back in if it was out of the cassette. Hope that makes sense. Hard to descibe without showing someone.

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