Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan. 19th- Tucker

If I were Tucker, my 9 year old dog, whom by the way just celebrated his birthday the other day, I would say about this photo..."Boy, I like these photos from above looking down on me, makes me look thinnner." LOL. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my 9 yr old boy and I love you with all your graying hair and your set in your way's attitude. Hope you have many more birthdays.

I call him my "faithful steed" among other nicknames he has. Okay I know a steed is a horse but I'm thinking of Donkey here on the movie Shrek. Anyway, Tucker follows me around the house wherever I go and would protect me no matter what. Well, maybe...he does seem to run away in the face of danger. But, to his credit he does bark and growl when he thinks I might be in harms way.

What are some of the other nicknames he has you ask? My husband calls him McFly from the movie "Back to the Future". Plus his eyes are bigger than most. When my husband tells him to go to "mom" (which is me by the way, lol) he knows what he is talking about. He knows all the nicknames, plus he knows alot of single words that we've taught him through the years. I don't know exactly how many words he knows but I know he knows what a good many are, maybe I'd say at least 20 to 30 words, maybe more but I never sat down to write them out to see how many. Maybe I will do this someday when I'm sitting in the boring doctors office for hours.

So, do you have nicknames for your animals? How many words do they know?


Susan Hetherington said...

For pretty much the first time ever we are a pet free home at the moment. I totally miss having a dog (and I reckon it would make frequent appearances in Project365. Today I had to resort to brass animals

~Brenda said...

We too are pet free; something we decided to do after burying our 3rd dog. They knew some words especially, bone and walk! I have scrapbook pages to remember them...